Section talks list

The list presented is preliminary. The final distribution of reports in sections and the type of presentation (oral/poster) will be determined by the program committee with respect to the requests of authors.

  • Plenary talks

    1. Vasily Klimov, Eigen oscillations in clusters made of active and passive nanoparticles and their influence on radiation of quantum emitters, Klimov V. V. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    2. G. Struchalin, I. Pogorelov, K. Kravtsov, I. Radchenko, S. Straupe, S.P. Kulik, Experimental adaptive Bayesian tomography, Kulik S. P. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

    3. M.N. Popova, Resolved hyperfine structure in a crystals for a quantum memory, Popova M. N. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    4. Yu.E. Lozovik, The dynamic Lamb effect: the prediction and the ability to detect, Lozovik Y. E. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    5. S.V. Chekalin, V.P. Kandidov, V.O. Kompanets, Light bullets of femtosecond filament, Chekalin S. V. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    6. Masalov A. V., Spiral light beams and angular momentum of radiation, Masalov A.  . (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    7. S. Probst, H. Rotzinger, N. Kukharchyk, A. Ustinov, P. Bushev, Hybrid quantum system with rare-earth spin ensemble, Bushev P. (Saarland University)

    8. G.N. Gol'tsman, The new generation of superconducting single-photon detectors, Gol'tsman G. N. (Moscow Pedagogical State University)

    9. I.R. Gabitov, J. G Сaputo, A.I. Maimistov, Nonlinear metamaterials based on SQUIDs, Gabitov I. R. (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)

    10. Gainutdinov R.Kh., Mohebbifar M.R., Mutygullina A.A., Khamadeev M.A., Influence of the environment on self-interaction of quantum dot, Gainutdinov R. K. (Kazan Federal University)

    11. M.V. Fedorov, The azimuthal entanglement and multimode Schmidt expansion for non-collinear biphotons, Fedorov M. V. (Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS)

    12. I.I. Vlasov, S.G. Lukishova, V.I. Konov, Nanodiamond single photon emitters, Vlasov I. I. (Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS)

    13. A. G. Vitukhnovskiy, Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Light Emitting Diodes, Vitukhnovskiy A. G. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute)

    14. Andreev A.V., The relativistic theory of electromagnetic interactions, Andreev A. V. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

    15. Kolachevski N.N., Laser cooling of lanthanides: from optical clocks to quantum simulators, Kolachevski N. N. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    16. V.N. Denisov, S.N. Polyakov, S.A. Terent'ev, V.D. Blank, Diamond materials – new perspectives for X-ray optics and extremal electronics, Blank V. D. (Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials)

    17. S.P. Feofilov, A.A. Kaplyanskii, A.B. Kulinkin, R.I. Zakharchenya, K. Ovanesyan, A. Petrosyan, C. Dujardin, Inhomogeneous Broadening: Symmetry of Centers and Disorder in Solid Solutions and Nanocrystals, Feofilov S. P. (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS)

  • Quantum Optics Actual Problems

    Section chiefs: Fedorov M.V., Masalov A.V., Gorokhov A.V.

    1. A.N. Bugai, S.V. Sazonov, Generation of terahertz radiation by means optical rectification in the nonlinear crystals: theory and experimental results, Sazonov S. V. (Kurchatov Institute)

    2. V. Semin, F. Petruccione, Projection operators technique in the theory of open quantum systems, Semin V. V. (National Institute for Theoretical Physics and University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

    3. Tlyachev T.V., Chirkin A.S., Six-mode entangled quantum state of continuous variables, Chirkin A. S. (Moscow State University)

    4. V. Hižnjakov, A. Loot, Spontaneous down conversion and dynamical Casimir effect for surface plasmon polaritons and guided waves, Hižnjakov V. (University of Tartu)

    5. Biryukov A.A., Shleenkov M.A., Nonperturbative approach to the description of molecular excitation by ultrashort laser pulses, Biryukov A. A. (Samara State University)

    6. Basharov A.M., Stark vacuum electromagnetic field interaction with the quantum levels of particles in the medium in the processes of radiation, reradiation, "trapping" of radiation quantum systems and stabilization of the excited states, Basharov A. M. (Kurchatov Institute)

    7. A.N. Bugay, THz solitons in biomolecular systems and their excitation by an external electromagnetic field, Bugay A. N. (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)

    8. Gladush M.G., Quantum-kinetic approach to the derivation of the optical Bloch equations for the radiator in a weakly absorbing medium, Gladush M. G. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    9. G.P. Miroshnichenko, Quantum tomography in microwave range, Miroshnichenko G. P. (ITMO University)

    10. A.V. Gorokhov, Coherent states and path integrals for model Hamiltonians in quantum optics, Gorokhov A. V. (Samara State University)

  • Quantum Information

    Section chiefs: Kalachev A.A., Moiseev S.A., Chekhova M.V.

    1. R.A. Ahmedzhanov, L.A. Guschin, I.V. Zelenski, A.A. Kalachev, D.A. Sobgaida, Quantum memory on isotopically pure YLiF4:Nd3+ crystal, Kalachev A. A. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    2. Ilya Fedorov, Alexander Ulanov, Anastasia Pushkina, Alexey Fedorov, Timothy Ralph, Yury Kurochkin, Alexander Lvovsky, Quantum optics experiments at the Russian Quantum Center, Lvovsky A. (Calgary University; Russian Quantum Center)

    3. A.S. Losev, T.Yu. Golubeva, Yu.M. Golubev, Resonance broadband memory on a tripod configuration of the atoms, Losev A. S. (Saint-Petersburg State University)

    4. R.A. Ahmedzhanov, L.A. Guschin, I.V. Zelenski, A.A. Kalachev, A.G. Litvak, D.A. Sobgajda, Using of non-resonant Raman transitions to implement single-qubit operations on ensemble qubits, Zelenski I. V. (Institute of Applied Physics RAS)

    5. A.N. Vetlugin, I.V. Sokolov, Quantum memory as light pulses quantum states transformer, Vetlugin A. N. (Saint Petersburg State University)

    6. Shleenkov M.A., Biryukov A.A., Sustainable entangled state of two qutrit under laser irradiation, Shleenkov M. A. (Samara State University)

    7. A.P. Agapov, P.P. Gostev, S.A. Magnitski, V.V. Firsov, D.N. Frolovtsev, Polarization-angular spectrum of SPDC of type 1 and its influence on the quantum states of generated photons, Frolovtsev D. N. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

    8. E.K. Bashkirov, M.S. Mastyugin, Entanglment of qubits interacting with thermal fields, Bashkirov E. K. (Samara State University)

    9. A.V. Belinski, P.P. Gostev, A.S. Chirkin, Phantom images from the four-mode entangled states, Gostev P. P. (Moscow State University)

    10. E.S. Redchenko, V.I. Yudson, Dynamic of excited states of spatially separated qubits in a waveguide, Redchenko E. S. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

    11. M.S. Mastyugin, Influence of the Stark shift on the two-photon entanglement of qubits in the Tavis-Cummings model, Mastyugin M. S. (Samara State University)

    12. S.N. Filippov, Influence of deterministic attenuation and amplification of optical signals on entanglement and distillation of gaussian and non-gaussian quantum states, Filippov S. N. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

  • Photonics. Interaction between Radiation and Matter

    Section chiefs: Zadkov V.N., Klimov V.V., Makarov V.A., Kotova S.P.

    1. E.I. Lyashko, A.I. Maimistov, Linear modes of a hyperbolic planar waveguide, Maimistov A. I. (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

    2. A. Antipov, S. Arakelian, A. Kucherik, S. Kutrovskaya, D. Nogtev, A. Osipov, T. Vartanyan, S. Zimin, Quantum domains for macroscopic transport effects in nanostructures with control topology: optics and e-conductivity, Arakelyan S. M. (Vladimir State University)

    3. Yu.V. Vladimirova, V.N. Zadkov, Quantum properties of a quantum emitter in a nearfield of a nanoantenna, Zadkov V. N. (Moscow State University)

    4. S.Yu. Stremouhov, A.V. Andreev, The quantum-mechanical theory of THz radiation of conical structure emitted from extended gas media, Stremoukhov S. Y. (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

    5. V.S. Gorelik, Generation of pseudoscalar bosons by stimulated Raman scattering of light in dielectric media, Gorelik V. S. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    6. Gainutdinov R.Kh., Khamadeev M.A., Salakhov M.Kh., Modification of electromagnetic field in photonic crystal medium and new applications of photonic band gap materials, Khamadeev M. A. (Kazan Federal University)

    7. Barantsev K.A., Litvinov A.N., Popov E.N., Energy exchange between laser pulses in atomic medium with a closed excitation contour, Barantsev K. A. (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)

    8. E.V. Kazantseva, A.I. Maimistov, Solitary wave generation from constant continuous wave in asymmetric oppositely directed waveguide coupler, Kazantseva E. V. (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute))

    9. A.A. Akhmadeev, M.Kh. Salahov, Synthesis and characterization of opal-like photonic crystals using combined methods, Akhmadeev A. A. (Kazan Federal University)

    10. E.N. Galkina, M.B. Belonenko, Z.A. Filimonova, The dynamics of a two-dimensional light bullets moving at a speed greater than the speed of light in the medium, in the system of carbon nanotubes, Galkina E. N. (Volgograd Inst. of Business; Volgograd State Medical Univ.)

    11. Popov E.N., Barantsev K.A., Litvinov A.N., Effective gyromagnetic ratio of noble gases in a mixture with an artificial nuclear magnetization, Popov E. N. (Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University)

    12. A.V. Shkalikov, I.Z. Latypov, D.O. Akatiev, A.A. Kalachev, Prospects for the development of quantum communication systems in open space, Shkalikov A. V. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    13. T.E. Ventslavovich, V.S. Kazakevich, Analysis of nonlinear effects in the behavior of CO-electron-laser pulses, Ventslavovich T. E. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Samara)

    14. M.Yu. Gubin, A.Yu Leksin, S.M. Arakelian, M.G. Gladush, A.V. Prokhorov, Three-dimensional dissipative optical solitons in dielectric media with quantum dots, Gubin M. Y. (Vladimir State University)

    15. S.A. Reshetov, Yu.V. Vladimirova, V.N. Zadkov, The analysis of efficiency of solar cells with the layer containing the spherical plasmonic nanoparticles, Reshetov S. A. (Moscow State University & International Laser Center)

  • Single Particle Spectroscopy and Microscopy

    Section chiefs: Osad`ko I.S., Vitukhnovsky A.G., Naumov A.V.

    1. A.V. Naumov, I. Yu. Eremchev, A.A. Gorshelev, М.Г. Гладуш, L. Kador, J. Koehler, Stable luminescence of single quantum emitters: Applications for Quantum Optics, Naumov A. V. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS; MPGU)

    2. Osad'ko I.S., The use of single donor-acceptor pairs to study conformational molecular dynamics of proteins and other macromolecules, Osad'ko I. S. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    3. T.A. Anikushina, A.V. Naumov, A.A. Gorshelev, A.V. Naumov, Local-field effects in the zero-phonon spectral lines of single impurity molecules in solids at low temperatures, Anikushina T. A. (Moscow Pedagogical State University; Inst. Spect. RAS)

    4. A.L. Schukina, I. Yu. Eremchev, Adaptive determination of the threshold intensity of the dark/light states in a fluorescence of single blinking quantum dots, Schukina A. L. (University of Warsaw; Inst. Spect. RAS)

    5. I.Yu. Eremchev, A.A. Gorshelev, K.R. Karimullin, A.V. Naumov, Temperature dependences of zero-phonon lines widths of single dye-molecules in a broad low temperature range, Eremchev I. Y. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    6. M.Yu. Eremchev, I.Yu. Eremchev, A.V. Naumov, Subdiffraction determination of the coordinates of a single quantum dot: dependence on the intensity of luminescence, Eremchev M. Y. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

    7. Eremchev I.Yu., Osad'ko I.S., Naumov A.V., Experimental observation and analysis of photon statistics of photoluminescence of single CdSe / ZnS nanocrystals, Eremchev I. Y. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

  • Atom Optics and Nanophotonics (Nano-optics)

    Section chiefs: Balykin V.I., Lvovsky A., Kolachevsky N.N.

    1. Afanasiev A.E., Melentiev P.N., .Kuzin A.A., Kalatskiy A.Yu. and Balykin V.I, Single photon transport by a moving atom, Balyikin V. I. (Institute for Spectroscopy RAS)

    2. Abramov V.S., Higgs boson in fractal quantum systems with active nanoelements, Abramov V. S. (Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute)

    3. K. Khabarova, S. Strelkin, A. Galyshev, O. Berdasov, A. Gribov, N. Kolachevsky, S. Slyusarev, Deep laser cooling and trapping of Sr at VNIIFTRI, Khabarova K. Y. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    4. V.E. Vasilchenko, S.S. Kharintsev, M.Kh. Salakhov, Electrochemical design of optical antennas for optical microscopy and sub-wave resolution spectroscopy, Vasil'chenko V. E. (Kazan Federal University)

    5. A.S. Sheremet, B. Gauraud, N. Corzo-Trejo, J. Laurat, D.V. Kupriyanov, The interaction of light with cold atoms through nanofiber, Sheremet A. S. (Russian Quantum Center)

    6. A.F. Mukhamedgalieva, A.M. Bondar, I.M. Shvedov, M.A. Kononov, V.B. Laptev, N.N. Novikova, The spectroscopical and microstructural investigations of nanoclusters and micron-sized periodic structures created at the surface of the crystal and amorphous silica by resonant CO2 laser irradiation, Mukhamedgalieva A. F. (National University of Science and Technology MISiS)

    7. Shukhin A.A., Kalachev A.A., Spontaneous four-wave mixing in the irregular nanofibers, Shukhin A. A. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    8. E.S. Kalganova, G.A. Vishnyakova, A.A. Golovizin, D.O. Tregubov, D.D. Sukachev, A.V. Akimov, N.N. Kolachevskij, K.Yu. Habarova, V.N. Sorokin, Обнаружение магнито-индуцированных потерь ультрахолодных атомов тулия из оптической решетки, Kalganova E. S. (Физический институт им. П.Н. Лебедева РАН)

    9. A.V. Haritonov, S.S. Harintsev, Visualization of the longitudinal and transverse components of the highly-focused optical field using photoreactive azopolymers, Haritonov A. V. (Kazan Federal University, Institute of Physics)

    10. A.Golovizin, E. Kalganova, D. Sukachev, G. Vishnyakova, D. Tregubov, S. Fedorov, A. Akimov, N. Kolachevsky, K. Khabarova, V. Sorokin, Detection of 1.14 um magnetic dipole transition in ultracold thulium, Golovizin A. A. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

  • Coherent and Nonlinear Optics. Photon Echo Spectroscopy

    Section chiefs: Samartsev V.V., Rubtsova N.N., Rebane A.K., Bespalov V.G.

    1. A.V. Leontiev, A.G. Shmelev, K.V. Ivanin, D.K. Zharkov, V.S. Lobkov, V.V. Samartsev, Ultrafast degenerate spectroscopy of induced lens in semiconductor nanostructures, Leontiev A. V. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    2. V.N. Lisin, A.M. Shegeda, V.V. Samartsev, Measuring of the frequency shifts of optical transitions under the pulsed excitaion by means of analysis of the photon echo signal waveform, Shegeda A. M. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    3. Popov I.I., Vashurin N.S., Putilin S.E., Polarization properties and spectroscopic capabilities of the photon echo technique in investigation of thin ZnO / Si + / Si- film under the influence of a longitudinal homogeneous magnetic field, Popov I. I. (VolgaTech)

    4. Vashurin N.S., Popov I.I., Photon echo and optical echo spectroscopy of exciton quantum transitions in thin polycrystalline films, Vashurin N. S. (VolgaTech)

    5. A.V. Pischenko, M.G. Gladush, A.V. Prokhorov, Cooperative effects in quartz media doped with quantum dots, Prokhorov A. V. (Vladimir State University)

    6. Demirchyan S.S., Chestnov I.Y., Arakelyan S.M., Alodzhants A.P., Glazov M.M., Kavokin A.V., The increase in the lifetime of Rabi oscillations in a system of exciton polaritons, Demirchyan S. S. (Vladimir State University)

    7. M.B. Belonenko, Yu.V. Nevzorova, E.N. Galkina, Two-dimensional light bullets in Bragg media with harmonic modulation of the refractive index by carbon nanotubes, Nevzorova Y. V. (Volgograd State University)

    8. A.V. Leontiev, V.V.Samartsev, T.G. Mitrofanova, Correlated femtosecond photon echo in CdS under excitation by crosssed laser beams, Mitrofanova T. G. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    9. Ryizhov I.V., Vasil'ev N.A., Malyishev V.A., Shtager M.D., Kosova I.S., Chaos at non-inversion superradiance in a high-cavity, Vasil'ev N. A. (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia)

    10. Zharkov D.K., Leont'ev A.V., Shmelev A.G., Nikiforov V.G., Lobkov V.S., Nonresonant spectroscopy of induced refractive index in semiconductor quantum dots, Zharkov D. K. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    11. E.N. Akhmedshina, L.A.Nefed'ev, G.I. Garnaeva, Control the time of occurrence of the Stark echo by spatially inhomogeneous electric fields, Akhmedshina E. N. (Kazan Federal University)

    12. Nizamova E.I., Nefed'ev L.A., The possibility of control of occurrence time of stimulated photon echo in a three-level system of impurity crystals, Nizamova E. I. (Kazan Federal University)

    13. Garnaeva G.I., Nefediev L.A., Sahbieva A.R., Control of the distribution of echo hologram intensity in the plane of the transparant, Garnaeva G. I. (Kazan Federal University)

    14. V.E. Ogluzdin, Axions in optical studies, Ogluzdin V. E. (Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS)

  • Spectroscopy of Ultrafast Processes

    Section chiefs: Chirkin A.S., Chekalin S.V., Kozlov S.A., Lobkov V.S.

    1. M.B. Belonenko, E.N. Galkina, A.V. Alpatov, The two-dimensional extremely short optical pulse in an array of carbon nanotubes in the presence of a constant electric field, Belonenko M. B. (Volgograd Institute for Business; Volgograd State University)

    2. V.G. Nikiforov, Nonresonance multipulse control of molecular motions in liquids, Nikiforov V. G. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    3. A.G. Shmelev, V.G. Nikiforov, A.V. Leontiev, D.K. Zharkov, V.S. Lobkov, Ultrafast intramolecular motions in the fluid under the registration of the optical Kerr effect, Shmelev A. G. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    4. Safiullin G.M., Nikiforov V.G., Lapaev D.G., Lobkov V.S., Galyametdinov Yu.G., Ultrafast optical spectroscopy of relaxation processes in "beta" - diketonate complexes of lanthanides, Safiullin G. M. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    5. Konobeeva N.N., Belonenko M.B., Extremely short optical pulses and ADS/CFT compliance, Konobeeva N. N. (Volgograd State University)

  • Crystal optics and optical materials

    Section chiefs: Vinogradov E.A., Popova M.N.

    1. Gorieva V.G., Semashko V.V., Korableva S.L., Marisov M.A., Pavlov V.V., LiY0.3Lu0.7F4: Ce3+, Pr3+ mixed crystal as a perspective up-conversionally pumped UV active medium, Gorieva V. G. (Kazan Federal University)

    2. Pavlov V.V., Semashko V.V., Rakhmatullin R.M., Korableva S.L., Photodynamic processes in fluoride crystals doped with Ce3+, Pavlov V. V. (Kazan Federal University)

    3. Goriev O.G., Kazakov B.N., Korableva S.L., Semashko V.V., Spectral and kinetic properties of LiYF4: Yb3+, Tm3+ crystal, Goriev O. G. (Kazan Federal University)

    4. K.A. Magaryan, I.Y. Eremchev, K.R. Karimullin, M.V. Knyazev, M.A. Mikhailov, I.A. Vasilieva, G.V. Klimusheva, Study of liquid crystal nanocomposites with cadmium selenide quantum dots by means of selective laser spectroscopy and microscopy, Magaryan K. A. (Moscow State Pedagogical University)

    5. K. N. Boldyrev, M. N. Popova, A. D. Molchanova, T.N. Stanislavchuk, L. N. Bezmaternykh, I.A. Gudim, Multifunctional RFe3(BO3)4 materials: quality control, Boldyirev K. N. (Институт спектроскопии РАН)

    6. Nurtdinova L.A., Korableva S.L., Photodynamic processes and lasing in Ce,Yb:LiYxLu1-xF4 crystals, Nurtdinova L. A. (Kazan Federal University)

    7. N.L. Naumova, I.A. Vasil'eva, Люминесцентные свойства органических красителей арилполиенов и кросс-сопряженных кетонов, перспективных для приложений квантовой оптики и нанофотоники, Naumova N. L. (Московский педагогический государственный университет)

  • Experimental Quantum Optics Methods and Devices

    Section chiefs: Gol`tsman G.N., Kulik S.P., Gleim A.V.

    1. A.V. Glejm, Yu.V. Nazarov, V.I. Egorov, S.V. Smirnov, O.I. Bannik, V.V. Chistyakov, S.M. Kynev, A.A. Anisimov, S.A. Kozlov, V.N. Vasil'ev, Quantum key distribution on side frequencies in the telecommunications network at a rate of 800 kbit/s, Glejm A. V. (ITMO University)

    2. V.G. Volostnikov, E.N. Vorontsov, S.P. Kotova, N.N. Losevski, D.V. Prokopova, Diffractive elements to define the depth of the nano-sized radiating objects, Kotova S. P. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Samara)

    3. E.V. Razueva, E.G. Abramochkin, Fast rotating spiral light beams, Razueva E. V. (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS)

    4. I.Z. Latyipov, A.V. Shkalikov, A.A. Shukhin, A.A. Kalachev, Oppositely directed mode of SPS in a nonlinear PPKTP waveguide, Latyipov I. Z. (Kazan E.K. Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute)

    5. Elezov M.S., Ozhegov R.V., Kurochkin Yu.V., Gol'tsman G.N., Makarov V.C., Methods of counteract by blinding of superconducting single-photon detector for quantum cryptography systems, Elezov M. S. (Moscow Pedagogical State University)

    6. A.A. Kalinkin, I.V. D'yakonov, M.Yu. Saigin, N.S. Chupriyanov, S.P. Kulik, Integrated optical waveguide structure in the transparent dielectric materials, Kalinkin A. A. (Moscow State University)

    7. G.E. Fedorov, I.A. Gaiduchenko, A.D. Golikov, M.G. Rybin, E.D. Obraztsova, B.M. Voronov, D. Coquillat, N. Diakonova, W. Knap, G.N. Goltsman, Response of graphene based gated nanodevices exposed to THz radiation, Fedorov G. E. (Moscow State Pedagogical University)

    8. I.N. Florya, Yu.P. Korneeva, M.V. Sidorova, A.D. Golikov, I.A. Gajduchenko, G.E. Fedorov, A.A. Korneev, B.M. Voronov, G.N. Gol'tsman, Energy relaxation and the formation of hot spots in a superconducting single-photon detector, Florya I. N. (Moscow Pedagogical State University)

    9. D.Z. Galimullin, M.E. Sibgatullin, D.I. Kamalova, M.Kh. Salakhov, Influence of colored noise on optical signal processing using swarm intelligence algorithm, Kamalova D. I. (Kazan Federal University)

    10. Akatiev D.O., Kalachev A.A., Controlling the spectrum of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in nonlinear crystals by an external electric field, Akatiev D. O. (Kazan Federal University)

    11. Kuzyakov B.A., Sivetski V.Ya., Tihonov R.V., The choice of method of generation of fashion orbital angular momentum of photons for FSO, Kuzyakov B. A. (Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation)

    12. P.P. Gostev, S.A. Magnitski, I.E. Protsenko, M.A. Turaev, V.V. Firsov, D.N. Frolovtsev, D.V. Yakovlev, Source of time correlated photons at 1.064 microns and its application, Magnitski S. A. (Moscow State University)